So, what is this ‘Mobile Learning’ I’ve been hearing about?

Mobile learning is just accessing and participating with eLearning content (formal and informal) and other training processes via any mobile device (iPad, smartphones, etc).

It is safe to say that you have at least one mobile device. You probably have more.

Our world have changed drastically in the last few years as mobile technology has allowed us to break away from the desktop and venture out into the world with devices (computers really) that fit in our pockets – and do more than anyone could have guessed a decade ago.

To understand where mobile learning is going, we need to look at where we are at. Here is a nice infographic from 2012 highlighting mobile device usage globally:

Mobile Learning Trends

As soon as I see an updated version for 2013, I will add to this page. I am sure many of these stats have increased in the last year.

Internet access is becoming more and more available in every corner of the world. It is a logical step for traditional learning content to be accessed by students or employees will migrate to an online format.

Mobile learning will eventually just become ‘learning’ since our ubiquitous mobile access will be viewed as a standard.  We are not here yet, but here are some key points regarding the trend to get us there:

  • Mobile learning in organizations of all sizes has created a widespread movement changing the way business is done at every level.
  • There is a lot of information out there. Since the invention of the Internet, massive amounts of useable data have been accumulating. Today, it is easier to access this information than ever before with any device.
  • As technology progresses, the relationship between social, or human data and referential data (how many times have you asked Google or Siri for directions?) continues to grow and strengthen as it gets more easy to access the right information.
  • Tools that allow for easy development of mobile learning content are more widespread and affordable. This will continue to fuel the value and usability of accessible content
  • The devices are getting better every day (maybe every minute).  Better screens, more computing power, better internet access and more make mobile devices a permanent fixture in our hands

These points just scratch the surface at how are lives are becoming more perpetually interconnected with the online, digital world. Online learning in a natural extension.

In yet another cool infographic below, look at how current students lives are changing due to mobile access to learning content, pizza delivery and staying connected with that special person back home:

 Learning Management Software

The trend taking place in students today with translate to a redefined workplace. Organizations can take advantage of this shift by preparing their learning management systems to provide online training that can be accessed mobily.

This can save time, effort and cold, hard cash. Oh, and it will allow for new hires to get to speed to be productive faster and store valuable informal knowledge to help everyone overcome common problems.  See what a learning management system with mobile options can do for your organization and your employees.

What Should Companies do with Mobile Learning?

It is now easy to convert and manage company knowledge so that it is usable to all employees and even outside partners/vendors. There is a ton of value with getting an organization’s learning content organized and accessible through mobile devices allows employees to receive “on-demand” training, where learning can take place anytime, from anywhere. This can get the information people need, accessible when they actually need it. Imagine the potential.

To make this content conversion process simple for any learning management program, here are some suggestions:

  1. Develop an efficient format for converting any form of data into usable training material. There are 3rd party vendors, software programs and dedicated professionals that can make this a reality for you.
  2. Regularly update all content materials and stay current with how users are consuming information. Learning management systems provide at ton of reporting and user management tools to allow administrators to easily stay on top of who is taking what course, who is certified, and much more.
  3. Create all types of media, not just written content. (This may include videos, subject specific courses, archived curriculum, and more.) People learn visually and can more easily access video and tutorials on mobile devices.
  4. Employ an easy to use learning management system to make sure the content is accessible by the correct people. You can track certifications, learning progress,  and much more.

This is just an introduction. Just a place to start in any review o what mobile learning is and what it means. Organizations have a significant opportunity to provide content online and accessed via mobile devices since tomorrows employees will be demanding just that.

Does your organization provide any mobile learning or online training program? If not, why?

Learning anywhere you want. Whenever you want.